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A collaboration between chefs, coffee drinkers and many human beings, Batavia is where Cape Town pays homage to Cape Malay cuisine. Styled like a home in the Bo-Kaap, here you can truly experience coffee and enjoy the robust taste of different fusions. Menu’s vary based on conversations with local farms so expect to see new surprises whenever you visit.

Eat Together

Every plate reminds you of home, embracing malay spices in new and inspiring ways.


Our recipe is simple - we are a group of humans who love food and the platform it creates for meals to be more than just a way of refuelling. We've rebranded and relaunched the cafe with a strong focus on the cuisine and our heritage.

All of these meals were family favourites and as we got older we looked to the world of gastronomy to take them a little further. Taking lessons from chef's all over the world, we looked at traditional Malay recipes that has been passed on from generation to generation. What recipe books don't capture is the hidden secrets & art of a curry, the experience in preparing your onions or blending the right masala - these are things that develop with years and transmission in front of a pot, feeding a family!

We've cooked, tasted, experimented and failed many times over in an attempt to replicate dishes, stepping into this space to take those all inspiring dishes bringing them closer to home. 

Like a chess player becomes a grand master, with Malay cuisine the art comes once the recipe becomes second nature. 

Your brain steps beyond whats put together in a pot and steps into very specific tastes, aroma's and experiences - these are the moments of nostalgia for us. They take us to the first koeksister we ate on a Sunday and the breyani our mother would spend 2 days preparing.

No matter what was going on in mom's life she'd pour her heart and soul into the food she was serving, that is our secret ingredient and it forms a strong part of our philosophy. In our kitchen we think with love & cook with love because we are in this space to express our passion and love through food - one deconstructed breyani at a time.....


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